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Pregnant pooch stuck in drain

Emergency services and the mayor’s office were alerted to a peculiar incident in the capital on Thursday 12 July.

Lured by frantic barking and howling, commuters and other business owners on the intersection of Coral and Maryanne Street in Castries helplessly observed a city dog trapped in a small drain beneath the road.

Passersby suspect the pooch was pregnant and sought refuge in the narrow drain to house her pups. The dog was unable to crawl out from the drain and remained stuck on its side when our cameras arrived.

One man said he called the Fire Department but was told a lack of resources hindered a prompt response.

Concerns about the dog’s safety are growing. Heavy rains could flood the drain. Moreover, temperatures can soar above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the capital.

It is unclear what rescue methods can be applied to safely extract the trapped dog. No other pups have been found in the drain.

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  1. sad we don’t even have equipment or man power to save a dog far less for a burning house. why do we not have enough man power does no one want to be a fireman? What is the salary not enough? So many don’t have jobs maybe something should be taken into place encourage more people to join . Maybe firemen, police officers etc get benefits i dont know. Our equipment outdated and aren’t sufficient. I witness once a fire truck tried to full a pool for an event in slu that one truck had to do 8 trips to fill that one pool so that alone tells you how much water those things actually carry. We’re supposed to be a leading country in tourism sector throughout the caribbean and this is our state

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