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PM says Tulsie ‘under achieved’ at SLNT

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet expressed to HTS News4orce on April 27th his disapproval of the management of the Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT] led by director Bishnu Tulsie.

Director SLNT Bishnu Tulsie

SLNT director Tulsie has publicly denounced investment proposals facilitated by the Allen Chastanet Administration at two key heritage sites currently managed by the Trust. SLNT authorities claim a multi-billion dollar development proposal earmarked for Vieux – Fort threatens rare flora and fauna at the protected Maria Islands and other delicate coastal ecosystems. Additionally, a dolphin park for the Pigeon Island National Landmark [where the SLNT is headquartered] has also been met with a degree of angst by the Trust membership.

Tensions between Prime Minister Chastanet and SLNT director Tulsie have been brewing since the October 2016 Royal visit by Prince Harry. In subsequent meetings between the two, SLNT Chairperson Dr.

SLNT Chairperson Dr. Vasantha Chase

Vasantha Chase confirmed [on April 26th], Prime Minister Chastanet called for Tulsie’s firing. Speaking to News4orce before the resumption of the debate of the Estimates of Expenditure at Parliament on April 27th – the Prime Minister made clear his negative rating of Tulsie’s stewardship as SLNT director. Listen Below.

The Allen Chastanet Administration has withdrawn the annual EC $700,000.00 subvention to the SLNT. The de-funding according to the Prime Minister falls inline with broad fiscal reform policies. Observers and the Main Opposition have characterized the axing of the 2017/18 annual subvention to the SLNT as a ‘vindictive’ move by the government.

Bishnu Tulsie’s contract as SLNT director ends in October 2017. SLNT Operational costs are estimated at more than EC $2 million annually.The SLNT Chairperson said the loss of the XCD $700,000 taxpayer funded grant will affect Trust operations. SLNT Chair Dr. Chase explained the Trust will trod on and is exploring options to offset the loss.  



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