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PM Reports On Three Country Trip

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet held a press briefing on Monday on his a three-country trip from august 6th to the 14th, 2016.

Over the course of eight days, the prime minister visited London, Paris and Morocco respectively.

In London, he met with the staff of the high commission for Saint Lucia and also visited UK authorities to discuss criminal justice matters.

In Paris, Prime Minister Chastanet met with marketing agents, as the government advances plans to establish a banana export arrangement with France.

During the final leg of his trip, the prime minister visited morocco to strengthen ties, particularly in the area of agriculture.

Morocco has been assisting the development of Saint Lucia’s agricultural sector over the years.

Prime Minister Chastanet was accompanied by Ezechiel Joseph – Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural resources and Co-operatives.

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  1. That’s a Vacation PM whom don’t look like St Lucians

  2. Whiles the prime minister is going about, Shouldn’t he take charge of affairs at home, for example at the soufriere foundation which is now a den of thieves. Having Mr Jimmy Haynes who owes the foundation over $100.000 and has appoint him operations manager. What about Mr soloman who was fired at the foundation is now back at the foundation and many others wh was fired and have now been reappoint at different levels. Now tell me shouldn’t mr chastenet bring Accountabilty and transparency before he spend tax payer money looking for what I don’t know. What about APTAE and others who goes around soufriere restaurant eating and drinking then bill it to the foundation.. Can someone answer this madness.

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