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Person Of The Year Preview

As the countdown to 2017 begins, we reflect on the movers and shakers who made 2016 memorable.
We’ve now whittled down the selection process, but we need you – the public’s help in deciding the person of the year 2016.

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  1. Someone who has just won an election and has not done nothing positive for the country i don’t think is fit for the person of the year. My vote goes out to our celebrity Darren Sammy who has made the entire West Indies and the world proud for leading his team to two wins at the T20 wold cup tournament. Hats off to Darren he should be the person of the year no doubt about it.

    • my thoughts exactly. It was a great accomplishment for Mr Chastanet to win, however Darren’s win increased national pride. Brought the people together. Brought international attetion to the island and the region. He made history with win and others. Darren is more deserving. Im hoping wise heads prevail and he wins.

    • I agree indeed I agree

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