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Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre

Opposition Leader challenges “false statement” by Prime Minister

Statement by Hon Philip J. Pierre Leader of the Opposition On the Constitutional Reform Process

The Prime Minister during a recent interview with Timothy Poleon, stated and I quote:

“I was extremely saddened that when we were able to get Kim St. Rose to become a consultant and an advisor we put her specifically on the constitution review.  She couldn’t get the Labour Party to come to the table and right now because we do not have a 2/3 majority there requires two hands to be able to clap”

This is another false statement by the Prime Minister and the verifiable facts are as follows:

  1. By letter dated 7th February, 2017 Ms. Kim St. Rose invited the Opposition to nominate 2 persons to a Parliamentary Committee to identify and agree upon common amendments to the Constitution.


  1. By letter dated 28th April, 2017 Ms. St. Rose reminded me that I had not made my nominations but also indicated that the government had not yet named their nominees.


  1. On 5th September, 2017 I nominated Mr. Claudius J Francis and Mr. Calixte George Jr.to be the Opposition nominees on the Committee.


  1. By letter dated 3rd January, 2018 Ms. Kim St. Rose acknowledged my letter.

All these letters are available as proof to the veracity of my statement. To the best of my knowledge the Prime Minister is yet to nominate members of the government side. I call on him to make public the letter forwarding his nominations to Ms. St. Rose.  

On 6th March, 2017 I participated in a panel discussion with the Prime Minister on Constitutional Reform indicative of the Opposition’s commitment and respect to the process.

The question is who did not cooperate with Ms. St. Rose? This is yet another attempt to deflect blame to the Opposition.

The Prime Minister must take the opportunity of a new year to ensure that his public statements are accurate particularly when the facts are easily verifiable.

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