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Philip J. Pierre, Leader of the Main Opposition

Opposition accuses UWP Administration of bullying

Is the Allen Chastanet led United Workers Party Administration targeting the Saint Lucia National Trust?

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet confirmed during the April 24th pre-Cabinet weekly press briefing that his Cabinet decided to cut the taxpayer funded subvention to the Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT]. XCD $700,000 was allocated to the SLNT in the 2016/17 Budget. The SLNT will not receive any funds from the Allen Chastanet Administration.

The disclosure was first made on April 21st on various local talk show programs.

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre in an April 25th press release described the move by the Allen Chastanet regime as “vicious, vindictive and reeking of victimization.”

According to the SLP leader, “it is clear that the move by Mr. Chastanet as Minister for Finance, is in retaliation to the Saint Lucia National Trust’s principled position on the Dolphin Park at Pigeon Island National Landmark, and the DSH Project and its environmental impacts.”

SLNT director, Bishnu Tulsie told HTS News4orce on April 24th the subvention cut is ‘unfortunate’.

The Prime Minister denied any ill-feelings toward the SLNT and affirmed the support of his Cabinet to the heritage preservation agency. According to Prime Minister Chastanet the move to de-fund the SLNT fall in line with expenditure trimming policies.

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre said the Saint Lucia Labour Party, ‘re-affirms its non-discriminatory policy on governance, and puts Prime Minister Chastanet on notice, that such acts of pettiness and bullying will not be accepted by the Opposition and the people of Saint Lucia.’

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