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OPM “Surprised” at Walcott House Closure

Administrative Attache to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Nancy Charles told News4orce on June 2nd that the Office of the Prime Minister is “surprised’ at the closure of Walcott House.

Attache Charles explained the Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT] who is responsible for the Walcott House project, was not forthcoming with notice of the closure. Watch below.

The SLNT issued a statement on May 31st citing the zeroing of an annual $700,000 state funded subvention and, the reported withholding of more than $5 million of committed grant funds donated by the Taiwanese Government for the project.

Walcott House

The Prime Minister’s Attache reemphasized the government’s new fiscal policy agenda that restricts spending on recurrent expenditure of parastatal entities like the SLNT. OPM has assured continued support to the Trust.

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  1. Who will explain what this means to me? ‘OPM has assured continued support to the Trust’

  2. If the balance of the grant is being witheld by government in the consolidated fund. How does the Trust access it. We are not all fools.

    • Someone is definitely mentally delayed. You aggressively defund an organization and you​ are surprised by the extreme outcomes. Psst! The balance of the money must be released from consolidated funds to be used. Remember in “tABC” I learned nothing from nothing is nothing.

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