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OECS supports local filmmakers with launch of ‘The Knot’ Movie

OECS Media Release

Thursday, May 11, 2017 — The movie The Knot produced by Davina Lee will premiere this Thursday the 11th of May in The Zen nightclub, Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.

A scene from the movie ‘The Knot’ produced by Davina Lee

The Knot is a story of a couple who are scared to lose each other’s love. They decide to secretly turn to magic for help but that comes with its own issues. The film draws on Saint Lucia’s traditional stories placed in contemporary times. It is partially based on a true story, retold by a priest a few years ago about an experience of a real life couple who tried to bind each other with magic. 

This film was produced with support from the Competitive Business Unit (CBU) of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Commission which provided partial funding under the 10th European Development Fund.  Assistance was provided as part of the work programme of the Creative Industries sector at the CBU.

OECS Director General Dr. Didacus Jules applauded the inspirational work of Davina Lee and was confident “The Knot’ would help further showcase to the world, the immense creativity within the Caribbean while inspiring a new generation of filmmakers.

“The creative industries as a whole is not only unique in its ability to transcend cultural and geographic boundaries but is a large global employer and a significant contributor to economic activity.

“The OECS has benefited socially and economically from the creative industries and we thank the European Development Fund for their assistance in supporting our young film makers in their artistic and entrepreneurial endeavours” said Dr. Jules.

Davina Lee has been one of the most involved and creative film makers in the OECS over the past few years.

The production of the film took place over a six day period from 6th to 11th of January 2017 at various locations around Saint Lucia with financial and technical support provided by the CBU.

Ms. Lee said that she was grateful for the support provided by the CBU, for without it, ‘The Knot’ would not have been produced at this time.

“The CBU asked what was needed within the film industry; we the practitioners in the region requested and received support with story and script development and production funding.

“The film industry is a burgeoning area in the Caribbean with a lot of economic potential, so it is encouraging to see that the OECS is at the forefront of such innovative support “Ms. Lee said.

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