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Dialysis Unit at OKEUH

Nurses receive training on new dialysis equipment at OKEUH

(PRESS RELEASE) – Plans are well under way for the commissioning of the dialysis unit at Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH).

With the high-end dialysis machines and chairs now in place and tested, training and orientation of new nursing for this unit has commence this week. The dialysis unit at the OKEUH will soon replace the services being offered at the Victoria Hospital.

The provision of Dialysis services are a major concern for the Ministry and Wellness of Health and Wellness and the Government of St. Lucia. Plans for commissioning the twelve newly installed dialysis machines at the Owen King EU Hospital are well advanced. This week seventeen new nurses who were hired for the unit commenced their training and orientation on the various pieces of equipment in preparation for eventual commissioning of the dialysis unit.

Clinical Resource Nurse for the Dialysis Unit at the Victoria Hospital, Eliah Deterville provided further details on the training.

“We have some nurses here today and we’re being oriented to the new equipment present here on this unit. Some to the equipment here we do not have it at the Victoria Hospital so there is a need before the eminent move that we train the nurses to be able to use this equipment effectively. So today we’ve been training on the suction machine, the dialysis machine, the IV infusion pump, the ECG machine, and some other equipment. The intent is that they will be for comfortable in using the various equipment to operate at the OKEUH.”

Biomedical Technician at the Victoria Hospital, Caillin Henry stated that the equipment is ready for use having undergone extensive testing and calibration by the equipment suppliers and installers.

“We work with renal dynamics out of Orlando Florida and basically tests being done is just for safety of the patients as with new equipment being installed there are tests and calibrations that have to be done just to ensure that all is in order.”

With the new equipment, training and increase in the staff compliment, the Ministry of Health and Wellness is projecting a significant improved patient outcomes and the delivery of dialysis services.

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