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  1. That kid need the laptop to research they school work. A lot of parents do not have money to buy. Device for they kids to do they school work

    • And okay… They get the laptop.. how the parents who can’t affordo make Internet available to them. If not the laptop is useless. The laptops should have been managed better… kept in the schoolsame or community centres where wife is available with access to all students

  2. I believe the one laptop per child program should be managed differently
    -Instead of one laptop per child have one laptop per child without access to computer or laptop at home. My reason, I have seen students with access to laptops desktops tablet etc at home and still receiving these laptops
    -manage laptops differently. Either have them returns after graduation to be reused which will lessen the number of new laptops given each year. I have witnesses laptops being misused and used for reasons not intended example being used to play music at parties, being used to play games, social media abuse, etc.
    -recommendations: have laptops available at schools (for 3-5pm) or community centres at these times and also on weekends *concept of Internet café with supervision* because even though the laptops are given some families cannot afford Internet so what is the point

  3. Since when we needed a laptop as a priority to go to school.. we like to follow to much …

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