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No Emancipation Without Reparations

Secretary General of the association of Caribbean states ambassador June Soomer says emancipation cannot be completed without reparations.
This week, the veteran diplomat delivered the inaugural lecture in an educational series hosted by the University Of The West Indies open campus.
She says proponents of the cause must not relent in their goal to achieve compensation for the painful and lingering legacy of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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  1. Just a couple of stupid questions: Who exactly are to be paid, and from from who do we exact these reparations?
    Can America do or say anything that the St. Lucian Parrots not repeat? I just don’t understand. Does anybody understand that it is “America’s love affair” with all those liberal bureaucratic ideas, that create half of the internal social destruction of that once great nation?
    I know that you guys are the great thinkers of our time. However, if that is the case, then please begin to think. St. Lucia is not America and the social dynamics are not the same. It is hard enough just dealing with our own daunting issues. Let’s take care of those first before adopting other peoples’ nonsense.

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