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“No Comment” –Jimmy Henry tells HTS but, Ag Police Commissioner revealed, ‘no investigation’ into the Agriculture Minister

Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir has confirmed to HTS News4orce in an exclusive

Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir

interview that word of an alleged investigation into Senator Jimmy Henry; the Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture is untrue.

The Acting Police Commissioner dismissed the charges leveled by ex-government Minister Richard Frederick during his weekly talk show that aired live on July 6th. Frederick claimed to have information that suggested Senator Henry was the subject of a police investigation, which included wiretaps that supposedly led to an airport interception.

According to Mr. Desir, the Office of the Commissioner of Police issued “no directive” to investigate or surveil Sen. Jimmy Henry. [Watch video]

Meanwhile, the Senator has emerged since the scandal broke last week but offered no comment when pressed by News4orce on July 11th.

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