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Ninja Dan Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge

The murder trial involving former soca monarch Jonathan “Ninja Dan” St. Rose appears to be nearing the final stages.
After 7 years on remand, St. Rose has reportedly pled guilty to a lesser charge and could face a reduced sentence.

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  1. I’m not ok with the life that was taken but definitely not in union with the length of time spent on remand. They have had time to sit and think and paid for the crimes. I am a friend of the deceased but keeping them behind bars will not bring him back. As a St. Lucian national and citizen I would like to speak out an ask for the release of these young men who can go out their and influence their kids if they have any and steer the future of the nation in the right direction. The kids. Their kids. Remember nobody is perfect and forgiveness softens the heart and brings humble soles. May God bless you all.

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