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November 27th 2015 PANCAP Aids Consultation

The justice for all program initiated by the Pan American Partnership Against Hiv/Aids PANCAP conducted a national consultation in Saint Lucia on Friday. The deliberations were aimed at achieving broad based goals in the fight against the Hiv/Aids epic.

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November 26th 2015 NWU Issues Strike Notice At WASCO

The national workers union has sought to clear the air on the industrial problems at WASCO. On Thursday, the union said it would be meeting with the labor minister and commissioner in a bid to resolve a number of outstanding issues. However, despite attempts at diplomacy, the union says it …

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November 25th 2015 March Against Violence Against Women

Not just a day to sport the color orange, November 25th is set aside by the United Nations, as the international day for the elimination of violence against women and girls. The increase in public knowledge of incidents of rape and child abuse has flooded the media over past months.

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