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December 11th 2015 Climate Resilient Water Management

Water professionals across the public and private sector participated in a capacity building initiative on enhancing climate resilience in the essential water sector. Facilitated by the global water partnership Caribbean, the regional consultation is expected to impart techniques to adapt to climate change.

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December 10th 2015 Cop 21-Latest Draft Copy Sparks Protests

Meanwhile, the latest draft copy of the Paris climate talks deal was issued around 3 pm on Wednesday. Following its release, hundreds of protesters held a sit-in demonstration, calling for a better deal from the talks – one they say that should be based on climate justice. Alison has that …

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December 8th 2015 Cop 21 Update From Paris

Paris, France has become the hub of climate change talks and with two rich nations recently-agreeing to the 1.5 degrees Celsius cap on greenhouse gas emissions, small states are hoping to land more ‘yeses’ in a bid to secure what representatives say is their survival. HTS’s Alison Kentish is in …

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