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New Health Facility for Micoud

GIS:-The Building will Include Rainwater Harvesting Systems so that the Facility Remains Operational even after A Disaster.

Ministry of Health officials have announced that a state-of-the-art wellness centre will be constructed in Micoud.

The announcement was made at a recent meeting held to update residents on planned developments within the community. The meeting also served to provide feedback to government officials on the community’s health service challenges and needs, in order to inform the design and discuss appropriate sites for the development of the facility.

The new health facility which will be executed under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP), and will be constructed to be more resilient, in order to better withstand the increased intensity of hurricanes and storms brought about by climate change. The building will include rainwater harvesting systems so that the facility remains operational even after a disaster, while wheelchair access ramps for the differently abled will also be included in the design.

Officials emphasized the importance of involving residents from concept to implementation. It is anticipated that the construction of the facility should commence in 2018.

The Micoud health facility is currently housed in a rental unit that is ill-suited for the delivery of health services.

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