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National Workers Union Women’s Council acknowledges women in St Lucia

The Executive of the National Workers Union Women’s Council wishes every woman in Saint Lucia and women worldwide a happy International Women’s Day.

The Council acknowledges that women in Saint Lucia through hard work and perseverance have achieved many milestones including being one of three (3) countries in the world where your boss is more likely to be a woman as stated in The Washington Post.

The statistics as presented by the ILO and featured in The Washington Post indicate the percentage of all managers that are female as follows:-

Jamaica 59.3%
Colombia 53.1%
Saint Lucia 52.3%
Philippines 47.6%

The Women’s Council is very proud of this achievement and we have no doubts that the efforts of the National Workers Union (NWU), as we continue to fight for the rights of workers generally, will assist us in maintaining this position and further improving the percentage for women in Saint Lucia.

We encourage the women of this beautiful island to continue working hard today and beyond at breaking through the glass ceiling and making what once seemed impossible possible.

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