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National Security Minister “worried” about Shootings

National Security Minister Senator Hermangild Francis expressed to HTS News4orce, the upsurge in gun relate crime ‘worries’ him.

  • National Security Minister Francis says upsurge in shooting activity is being perpetrated by known criminal suspects.
  • Reprisal attacks possible motive for shootings.
  • Police force unfazed by IMPACS investigation.
  • Police officers will apply appropriate force when engaging criminal suspects.
  • National Security Minister wants suspects brought in ‘alive’.
  • Police force need public assistance to aid investigations.

Police have confirmed up to four separate shooting incidents in the Marchand community in Castries within eight days.

Three people were shot in Marchand on May 14th in which 23-year old Kimbert Lynch succumbed to gunshot wounds at hospital. Other shooting incidents were reported on May 18th and 22nd.

Security Minister Francis told News4orce on May 24th,

“It worries me because what we are seeing is a lot of young people engaging in reprisals. Some of the persons who were shot at and a couple who were killed are known to police and, it definitely appears to be some sort of revenge being perpetrated against each other. I want the public to understand and especially these young criminals that the police will do what they are supposed to do… ”

Security Minister Francis gave assurances that despite pressure from a CARICOM IMPACS probe into the police force, domestic operations have not been hampered.

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  1. yous lot condone crime when you all think ii is politically in you all interest and when you all think it reflects bad on you all tenure in office you all worried! Well stop playing with people’s emotions. Everybody feel the pain caused by crime. It therefore should not be understood in some circumstances and not in others. Thats double standard.

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