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National Principal’s Association statement on sex video involving school children

(PRESS RELEASE) – The National Principal’s Association vehemently denounces such acts and any act of abuse against minors perpetrated by parents, teachers, principals and the public in general.

We empathize with the school in question and are extremely concerned about the young student and her family. Additionally, we sympathize with the family of the alleged perpetrator.

This situation brings to the fore the improper use of technology as it is in direct contravention with the rights of minors as cited in the Children’s and Young Persons Act of 1997.

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  1. I am totally pis-off with what i see in the video, the school girl is not even sure of what she is supposed to do. The male student is taking advantage of the female student, he is the one telling her what to do, saying to her “open your mouth and put the cock in it” However, the National Principle forgot to address the students involved. I hope persons will stop sending this video around immediately, because you cannot say that you are vex about what you see and you are still sending it to other persons, what hypocrisy, Also, the male students should be arrested and charged under the criminal act, while the female student should receive consulting and relocated to another secondary school.

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