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2014 protest by NADS

National Association of Driving Schools Threaten Protests

The National Association of Driving Schools [NADS] on May 12th, issued strike notice to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour led by Stephenson King and the Ministry for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation led by Guy Joseph for various administrative problems. 

“The public is to expect a serious protest action in the coming days” – NADS

NADS has lamented the frequent unavailability of examiners for practical tests, under staffing at the Transport department, and an additional charge for first time practical exams.

Reportedly, requests for dialogue on their grievances with the current United Workers party Administration according to NADS, have not been acknowledged.

In 2017 there are 64 license driving instructors. Yet there are still 3 examiners. This makes no logical sense. With the past administration we at least had dialogue to address this issue. With this new administration, the driving school association (N.A.D.S) had written no less than 3 letters from the time they took office. To this date (12 May 2017) not even an acknowledgment of N.A D.S letters have been forthcoming.

Two weeks ago the members of the association decided to hold protest action so we can be heard by the government. Minister Stephenson King got word of our intended protest action and told our President Thomar Francis to give him a copies of the letters sent to the minister of transport and the prime minister.

He promised by word of mouth to bring it to Cabinet on the Wednesday and that he would get back to our president no later than this past Wednesday 10th May. To this date. Not a word, not a word, not a word.” – NADS

Thomar Francis is the president of NADS and has made clear, taking protest action is unavoidable. 

“This is costing our Fair Helen money. The association does not wish to embarrass any administration but this is what happens when you ignore people’s concerns. The public is to expect a serious protest action in the coming days which will affect the country on a whole if our issues are not addressed in the quickest possible time.” – NADS

2014 protest by NADS

NADS has taken protest action for similar concerns in the past.

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