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Miss HTS Chancy Fontenelle Gets Special HTS/Radio 100 Welcome

On May 31st Ms. Chancy Fontenelle, the HTS/Radio 100 FM sponsored contestant in the annual Carnival Queen Pageant, paid a courtesy visit to the Morne Fortune main offices.

Ms Chancy Fontenelle in the HTS Newsroom

Miss HTS/Radio 100 FM, was treated to a special tour of the iconic studios and departments.

Miss HTS/Radio 100 FM got a privileged opportunity to become acquainted with staff and, got exclusive insight on operations across several industry leading departments including the HTS Newsroom, Radio 100 Helen FM studios and, HTS broadcast production suites.

Ms. Chancy Fontenelle was warmly greeted by HTS Executives including Program Director Mrs. Valerie Albert-Fevriere and Managing Director Mr. Linford Fevriere during her headquarters tour.

Ms. Chancy Fontenelle is the stand out contestant for HTS/ Radio 100 as she demonstrates genuine interest in community activism, culture and youth empowerment and she continues to personally cultivate positive moral values.

HTS/ Radio 100 has committed wholeheartedly to supporting Ms. Chancy Fontenelle on the exciting and challenging journey to becoming Saint Lucia’s next Carnival Queen on July 1st.

Best of luck Miss HTS/ Radio 100 Chancy Fontenelle!

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