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Minister of External Affairs called by Union to lead Diaspora

[Press Release]  – At its 18th Biennial Convention being held in London this week, the Union of Saint Lucian Overseas Associations called on the Minister of External Affairs, Hon Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, to provide leadership for the Union and the Diaspora in the Saint Lucia Cabinet.

Mr Luther Renee, Trustee of the Union for the Caribbean said: “the failure of the Government of Saint Lucia to fully recognise the role of the Diaspora in promoting Saint Lucia overseas, and in providing significant remittances to support Saint Lucian families and the economy; and to implement the Diaspora Policy, is disrespectful to us all.”

“We are therefore calling on the Government to rectify this. We are calling on the Minister for External Affairs to support us to continue to support Saint Lucia. We are calling on her to lead Diaspora affairs”.

He added, “the Union, the Presidents and the delegates of all the Associations gathered here today, will be writing to the Prime Minister, in the strongest and most respectful terms, to agree to our request”.

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