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Micoud carnival launched – ‘Annou Ale,  Our Journey   Continues’

[Press release] The Micoud Carnival Committee says its 2018 Launch last Sunday, 03rd June 2018, was a success.  Committee Public Relations Officer, Mr, Malan Leonce, notes that “after three successful years, our hope is to continue to deliver a professional series of high quality events under this year’s theme: ‘Annou Ale,  Our Journey   Continues’”.

Judging by the large number of people in attendance and the high level of enthusiasm portrayed from the patrons, performers, carnival bands, pageant contestants and committee members, Mr Leonce deemed the event “a great success. Again, we expect this year’s event to be even more spectacular, more colourful and more enjoyable for all.”

The launch was held at the Micoud Multi-purpose Court.  Apart from a late start and minor glitches, the event went on smoothly with zero violence recorded.

Mr. Leonce added that the carnival launch was able to fulfil its objectives: patrons received a first-hand experience to see the costumes and get a preview of the band packages of three of the five adult carnival bands, as well catch a glimpse of the five Pageant contestants.  

Added to this, patrons were treated with performances from local artists: Melissa Tino, Tin Juice, General Bakes, DeVyrus as well as national artist like Erza, Cooyah, Black Boy & Mess, Umpa and others.

The vision of the Micoud Carnival Committee is to deliver a season of events that:

1.Build on local culture and artistic expressions by encouraging Micoud’s own unique talents, promoting community development and, on a larger scale, widening the tourism product of the island.

2.Contributes to economic development by maintaining a voice and a platform for the ambitious residents of Micoud, who are able to take this opportunity and bring greater visibility to themselves and the community, and thus expand positive commercial flow.

3.Continue to maintain and encourage strong community ties between ourselves and other organizations of Micoud such as schools, vendors, police, fire, entertainers, and others;

4.Observe and promotes the given safety standards, environmental awareness, and quality production of festivities.

5.Micoud Carnival Committee will continue to engage in discussion with all stakeholders to ensure that events are safe, enjoyable, and rewarding for all involved.

The Adult Bands participating in this year’s parade:

  • River Bank Patriots Carnival Band
  • Infinite White Carnival Band
  • Jr. Love Carnival Band
  • Kaotics Carnival Band
  • The Grill Carnival Band

Pageant Contestants in this year’s Micoud Carnival Queen:

  • Miss Tyrah Kayann President from the community of Micoud
  • Miss Kershana Shantal Ramine from the community of Micoud
  • Miss Tunisia Lorree President from the community of Mon Repos
  • Miss Nelma Rina Gonzague from the community of Ti Rocher
  • Miss Leyniah Alice Cox from the community of La Pointe

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