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Massy Responds to Viral ‘Fake Cheese’ Video

Response to WhatsApp Video

We’ve seen a video, now in circulation via WhatsApp, showing a customer making claims that cheese purchased from one of our stores is not fit for consumption.  We don’t take these types of claims lightly and while we do not manufacture the products we sell, we take great care in working with reputable suppliers and have an excellent track record of buying and selling food that is safe for human consumption, across the region.

Our preference for handling these types of claims has always been to understand and investigate matters directly from the source, the customer.  

There are many factors that could impact the characteristics of any product. As such, until all the facts are available to the company and the regulatory authorities, the statements being made in the video cannot be verified or substantiated.  Massy Stores has always taken a proactive approach, working closely with our suppliers, regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of Health and the Bureau of Standards, and our customers to address these types of situations in the shortest possible time.

We undertake responsible sourcing of products, with companies who are certified in food safety protocols of an international standard. We are confident that we do not engage in any practises that would seek to undermine or jeopardise the standard of care or the tremendous value that we place on our relationship with customers. In that regard, we wish to urge customers to share concerns, comments and matters with us or the regulatory authorities so that claims may be investigated, in the best interest of all parties particularly our valued customers.

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