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Marciano Busby is the HTS Look-a-Like Winner

Marciano Busby

Marciano Busby and Gramps Morgan may have a lot incommon besides music.


Gramps Morgan (centre)

HTS selected Marciano out of a pool of more than 40 entrants in the HTS / Radio 100 Helen FM Look-a-Like contest.

Over two weeks, participants who believed they physically resembled any of the main stage acts performing at Soleil Roots and Soul sent their Look-a-Like photos to HTS / Radio 100 Helen FM.

Marciano Busby was easily chosen as the irrefutable doppleganger of Gramps Morgan, vocalist and organ player in the acclaimed Morgan Heritage reggae band.

Busby and Gramps Morgan took selfies and hung out backstage compliments HTS. Marciano Busby also enjoyed exclusive VIP access and accommodatin at the Soleil Roots and Soul concert at the Pigeon Island National Landmark on June 18th.

Gramps Morgand and Marciano Busby

From the management and staff of HTS / Radio 100 Helen FM, congratulations Marciano Busby.

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