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March 30th 2016 Trouble Brewing At The Fire Service, Again

Another round of acrimony appears to be brewing between the fire service association and the fire chief.
Members of the association say some of the same troubling issues which resulted in the commission of inquiry into the service are re-emerging.
The fire chief says nothing could be further from the truth.

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  1. Awah Chief Fire Officer…..you speak to well on that matter. Anyone who knows a fireman will tell that the environment there is very toxic. Sometimes the fellas tell me about things that goes on there and I just shake my head. About the transfer issues he says that does not exist……that is a blatant lie again. A number of officers that were being transferred had to either request the terms and conditions of transfer and refused to move or either had to get their lawyers to seek redress as the chairman said. If you think I lying ask any randomn fire officer at any station…..everybody knows what goes on there. Da man should be ashamed of himself……SMH again.

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