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March 18th 2016 UWP Castries East Tour

The opposition united workers party was in the heart of the George Charles Blvd in Marchand on Friday.
Political leader Allen Chastanet and UWP Castries East candidate Fortuna Belrose spoke to residents who they claim continue to live in deprivation.
As expected with the campaign season in full-swing, the opposition took a dig at the incumbent Philip J, Pierre who has represented the Castries east community in the house for an unbroken four terms.

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  1. All these politicians full of crap. The UWP was in power 5 years before SLP came in what did they do with the standard of living in these areas? It’s only when these fools out of power they find time to criticize the other party.

    Both these parties are to be blamed for all what’s going on in the country. I am 39 years old and I can tell you, I see no change from I was a youngster till now. In fact things are worst. These places have become slums in the middle of the city.

    I promise you, UWP will come in power and it will be like a recurring decimal same BS all over again. Look how these politicians have the capital city. The place is dirty, dilapidated buildings, ghettos and that suppose to be your capital city. If a man can sh*t where he eat he is doomed to failure.

  2. That’s the only time that the residents in this area will see you and then the cycle goes on, if you get into office same thing will happen, you forget all about them. All you are are the same.

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