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  1. Emma,

    Not all mangroves are formed the same. Now you are correct most South America mangroves falls parallell to the sea and shoreline thus protecting the shoreline and communities behind the parallel stretch of the mangrove. The mangrove in question here is different and you follow more informed discussion here…


    You can contact me on Facebook if you are unable to read the link.

  2. Most disturbed by this news clip!!!!

    Has any consideration been given to the effect of unplanned/poor land use practices on the health/functionality of the mangrove! The village should be thankful for the mangrove, and it may well be a principal positive contributor to the marine health of the village…I do hope that should the village get their wish, they do not bawl about coastal erosion and degraded marine resources and storm surges…be careful what you ask for! Learn the systems of nature first before you destroy them and then try to ‘engineer’ our many times failed ‘human’ solutions!!! How many disasters do we need for us to finally learn that we have to learn to live with our ecosystems and not destroy them on a whim without first appreciating whether we are not the ones who caused the problem in the first place! http://www.nature.org/media/oceansandcoasts/mangroves-for-coastal-defence.pdf

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