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    High Tension Sparks Dangerously at Electricity Company

    Breakin News Friday, 31st March 2017. Workers of the lone electricity company are inflamed by its managing director who has demonstrated a penchant to deceive than to resolve problems.

    Just two-week of the employees’ last sickout grades 1 – 3 employees demanding payments for outstanding amounts owed to them among other things are disgusted by the deceitful nature of their MD.

    At the height of the workers’ troubles is the discombobulating posture of the managing director who inconspicuously pulls up with the latest Prado 2017 model bearing the same number plate as before.

    Just when the board of directors of the electricity company awarded itself in 2009 a 150 – 200% pay hike for their directorship it seems the dice has been cast for the Senior Managerial Team (SMT) to do likewise.

    From the Surey report on wage/salary restructuring to Halogen and now the balanced scorecard methodology for evaluating staff LUCELEC’s SMT has been on a roll all the way to the bank.

    This can’t be said for the 200 odd workers who have been left without a COLA adjustment for the past 6 years for the grades 1 – 3 while for the grades 4 – 9 employees negotiations are ongoing for the past five years.

    Inflationary awards to workers pegged at zero for the years 2015-16 has LUCELEC’s SMT receiving a 4% COLA adjustment. Surprisingly also, the pensionable age at 65 somehow for LUCELEC remains at 60.

    All this time LUCELEC’s SMT are seen driving the latest Honda CRVs plus receiving enormous salary payouts with employees, including supervisours and engineers, approaching near breaking point.

    Despite the MD’s much well captioned staff meetings ‘Let’s Talk’ it appears much of the talking-points have only borne fruit for the company’s top honchos than for its ordinary staff.

    With ‘lease to own’ vehicle schemes LUCELEC senior managerial team (SMT) are riding high on the hog every 3 to 4 years acquiring new vehicles while taking home the vehicles previously assigned to them.

    Of all the plans heard about diversifying LUCELEC has become at best a car dealership for its SMT. With the opportunity to managing cost, improving efficiencies being largely a foregone conclusion.

    Strategies for securing the future fall short of what LLUCELEC professes when it’s done mainly at the expense of workers; where acting in a higher position essentially leave workers out of pocket.

    It has become the norm where salary adjustments were expected it was LUCELEC’s SMT taking in huge amounts in salary increases when the grades the increases were designed to impact remains the same.

    Salary/wage schedules will no longer form part of the collective agreement with job descriptions couched without the required job reclassification, especially, when salary ranges don’t show equity.

    The provisions on the pensionable age have also been completely rewritten by LUCELEC despite receiving a letter of conformity from the NIC in 2002 that it would be increased to age 65.

    LUCELEC it seems is operating well beyond the law. One is left dumbfounded that LUCELEC not only flagrantly violates its own rules but that of the land also. The only response therefore is organized labour.

    Less two financial controllers in two years with its human resources managers not faring any differently LUCELEC looks poised for a legal takeover if corruption has not already become synonymous with its head.

    The situation is not getting any better with grades 4 -9 employees insulating themselves as their grades 1 – 3 counterparts before them. Reports are there’s unprecedented levels of sickout throughout LUCELEC this week.

    With an already poor air quality report and low employee morale it remains anyone’s guess whether the situation at LUCELEC can be fixed as high tension sparks dangerously at the electricity company.

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