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Local radiographers get CAT scan training

[Press Release] The Radiology Department at the Victoria Hospital is gearing up for its eminent move to the Owen King EU Hospital.

The Department was engaged in a five day intensive, competence building, training programme on the state of the art CT Scan machine at the new hospital.

The Radiology Department at the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH) was alive with activity this week owing to an intensive training programme on the ultra modern CT Scan machine. Senior Radiographer at the Victoria Hospital, Sienna Regis, said ten radiographers from the Gros Islet Polyclinic, St. Jude and Victoria Hospitals are benefiting from in-depth, hands-on, CT Scan training facilitated by two radiographers from the University Hospital in Martinique.

“The Machine we have is a Siemens brand. It is a 16 slice CT machine. It will assist in the effective diagnosis of patients’ conditions. For example, patients with cancer, head injuries, strokes. We don’t have the machine at VH. It is new to Victoria Hospital/OKEUH. Some of us have training in CT; some of us never did CT. The staff are excited, they’re participating, they’re interested in what’s going on. Our two French colleagues from Martinique are excellent tutors and they taught us from the basics all the up to what we need to know to function as a CT Tech to do CT’s on our own.”

Regis added that patients from around the island received free CT Scans during the training programme based on the urgency of their cases.

“What we do every day we select twelve people….standby for if anything may happen.”

CT Scans or CAT Scans also know as Computed Tomography Scans use a combination of x-rays and a computer to create pictures of inside the body which assists in diagnosing tumors, bony structures and infections in the organs and tissues of the body. Christophe de Lepine and Stephan Jubert are the two Radiographers from University Hospital in Martinique who conducted the CT Scan training.

They were impressed with the quick learning curve of participants and the professional set up of the machine by the biomedical technician.

“We have already done CT of the brain, the chest the abdomen, abdominal pelvis, etc. with contract products, so it’s good. We only have to write some protocols to operate faster and better.”

The Radiology Department provides critical support services to outpatient, inpatient and the Accident and the Emergency Department.

Before expressing the hospitals gratitude for the training, the Executive Director at the Victoria Hospital, Brenda Calixte stated that the three units now transitioned to OKEU Hospital have come in for high praise from their clients.

“The units have settled in very nicely. We have the outpatient clinic that was transitioned on April 23rd and people are very receptive. People are accepting it nicely. So far everything is going well and we have been getting very good reviews.”

Calixte also mentioned they way forward post the CT Scan training.

“So after we are finished with the training for this week, it continues. We will be continuing with our own staff on the machine.”

Many clients walking into the OKEU Hospital for the first time expressed delight with the layout of the facility and the level of organization of the various clinics. The five day CT Scan training began on Monday 7th May 2018.

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