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  • Susan M Stanislas

    It’s carnival, I feel the livestream should be working for those of us who live overseas

    • Anonymous

      Thank you

  • tomblzack

    y isn’t the stream working

    • webmaster

      The stream is working its on at 7pm Monday – Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    i want to see the queen show

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the live stream, you guys just froze

    • webmaster

      It was restarted shortly after.

  • Anonymous

    Hey. You guys are off line on the internet

  • Hts St Lucia

    Tonight’s HTS News4orce Live Stream will be delayed as we await the return of the debate of the estimates of expenditure.

  • raymond

    will the hts news be airing live tonight?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t the hts nrwd force realize they not streaming whats going on

  • Where is the news you all late

    So news not important anymore? What happened to the live streaming of the news people waiting for 15 mins now .

  • Anonymous

    happened to the live stream