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  1. Hi all here, wish you a nice day. Many greetings from Germany, your Mike Dee

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  4. You no your live stream not working for several days. Please don”t say that you are live streaming news.

  5. St Lucians might as well rename Allen Chastanet Christopher Columbus since he is so busy circumnavigating the world

  6. Did Fortuna Belrose say St. Lucia has 2 Noble Laureates for excellence in Literature. When will they get it right…Yes she did. I thought was one in Economics and one in Literature..

  7. will today’s Olympic coverage be live streamed here please? Lavern and Janelle are jumping

  8. can you please get you live streaming service to work on your website please. what is the point of making the service available if it never works?

  9. I was just wondering if anyone is going to follow up on what the former minister/senator Jimmy Flechter was doing in relation to the monopoly that Flow is enjoying. All the while they have taken away most of the movie channels and has raised the cable by $30.00 when they come to install their new box. I believe though that if you were a lime costumer then you are left with the same channels even if they install the new box.

    Is anyone going to take up the fight or is it forgotten news?

  10. So if the contractor’s giving the people of Soufriere getting a six for a nine Minister Allan Chastanet must let them continue.The inside and backside look good,but the main section which is the face must look like horse ass,thats what my people want.The prime Minister trying his best to give you’ll the best but instesd,some people don’t understand,they have no idea what good is.Instead they choose to complain when they get good.Some of us never we never taught to know good, those basic life skills are missing we need to know good from bad so If you building my house,i should let you fuck it up,pay you for garbage and say not a word (BULLSHIT.

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