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  1. Good day, I am not happy with out goes in anymore. Russell talks too much about his Rooftop and I listen mostly to hear their views on whats happening around the world . I prefer when Charlie is there. There are more issues of substance being discussed.

  2. andre u not doing doing nothing for me dj wire

  3. Trudy Leonce- Joseph

    Hi Claudius . Thank you all for this wonderful tribute that we can listen to and share wonderful memories of Bunker. I have memories of in A level . Bunker would before lunchtime go into my lunch kit , eat half of my sandwich, drink all my lime squash. Then he would give me his smile and say ” tell Shirls she makes the best lunch and lime squash”
    Trudy Leonce- Joseph

  4. So disappointed.

  5. Keshiaw Wilkinson

    I think with s much new technology from broadcasting Saint Luca year after year keeps failing units endeavours to stream the festival that may entice persons to come over for the celebration. I am disappointed

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