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Ladera Resorts Challenges Local Business

Ladera Resort, the original open-air luxury retreat, has issued a challenge to all businesses in St. Lucia to support charitable endeavors here at home.

“We believe strongly in charity and giving back to our communities, which is why our Good Works Group has for many years supported educating children, feeding the hungry and strengthening the ability of our religious institutions to provide for those in need” said Ralph Hooper, founder and owner of Ladera. “It is just the right thing to do.”

Ladera has committed to providing a Matching Grant to the Parish of Our Lady of The Assumption in Soufriere to carry out vital and essential repairs to the Church and Presbytery.  Ladera will contribute up to $30,000.00 to help perform these repairs, based on the monies donated by any and all businesses on island.

The way it works is that from now through July 15th, for every dollar donated to the Parish by St. Lucia businesses, Ladera will donate two dollars. That means that if a company gives $25.00 to help, the Church will receive $75.00 because of that company’s generosity. And if they choose to give $5000.00, Ladera will match that too, and give $10,000.00. That way the total amount is made much greater because of joint participation in the project.

“We hope and pray that this challenge to the business community of St. Lucia will enable the Parish to raise a lot of money,” explained Holly Scott of Ladera. “ The total amount raised will depend on the generosity of many business leaders, all of whom will be blessed.”

Donations should be made to the Parish of Our Lady of The Assumption. P.O. Box 205, Soufriere. Tel:758-459-7214.


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