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Energy, Ports and Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King

“Labour Ministers…turn a blind eye” – NWU

June 08, 2018

Hon. Stephenson King
Minister of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour

Ministry of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour
Union Office Complex

Dear Minister:

The working people of Saint Lucia continue to lose confidence in the Ministry of Labour as they also did under the previous regime. The National Workers Union (NWU) still has many industrial matters before the Department of Labour and it is getting worse. Our experience is not new because we are in town long enough to back up our position with relevant data.

On reflection and examination both administrations have established their ministerial portfolios with Labour being used as an appendage. Labour is never given the importance that it deserves. It is quite clear now that Labour Ministers become more attracted by the Work Permit component of the Ministry and turn a blind eye to the conciliation and mediation process. The time will come when investors coming to our shores will want to know that we have a Ministry of Labour that is efficient and dynamic. No one will take a risk to invest millions of dollars in a country where the Ministry of Labour could easily fall into a head on clash with disgruntled workers and trade unions.

I am aware that upon reading this all kinds of questions will be asked and if we aren’t realistic, practical and continue to operate in denial, then the wrong conclusion could be reached. We will continue to write to you as long as the position remains the same. Thanks for your attention.

Respectfully yours,

Tyrone G. Maynard
President General

cc: Hon. Allen M. Chastanet – Prime Minister of Saint Lucia
Government Ministers
Mr. Ray Narcisse – Labour Commissioner

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  1. I still don’t know what you want, what you are complaining about, and know what the
    problem is; could you put your grievance in greater and clearer perspective so you can get
    some sympathetic hearing and conclude with some positive and mutual understanding.
    Be blessed my friend.

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