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Michel James,33

What Killed Michel James? Marine Mishap or Deadly Gunfight on the High Seas

HTS News4orce first reported on one of two police led marine operations that reportedly occurred on July 22nd off the Vieux-Fort coast. One fatality was recorded. Confirmed dead is 33-year-old Michel James of Dennery. 

Marine Police reported that James along with three other occupants of a canoe allegedly attempted to evade a search. The sea craft in question, reportedly captained by James, crashed into the police marine vessel during the alleged escape attempt.

Damaged Marine Unit vessel

On July 24th, Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir addressed the marine mishap during a press briefing. It must be noted that the postmortem on Michel James was being conducted simultaneously.

Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir

The acting Police Commissioner informed the press; Michel James’ death was linked to the crash and gave no other details on exchange between the Marine Unit and the occupants on the canoe.  

HTS News4orce obtained comment from James’ family who allege postmortem findings concluded  a gunshot wound was the cause of death. Charline James spoke to News4ore [Watch video.]

Reportedly, two Venezuelan nationals and one other Saint Lucian national have been hospitalized following the incident.

News4orce has thus far not obtained the Michel James postmortem findings, which if corroborated, could be the 33rd recorded homicide for 2017.

Michel James was the father of three children.

Police have not disclosed whether any contraband or narcotics were recovered during the operation.



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  1. no drugs found no weapons found why shoot to kill soon enough there will be grenades, rocket launchers and 50 cal night vision automatic weapons on board for urll coast guard let’s see who’s has more fire power and more heart …you idiots!!!

  2. Went to fish with two Venezuelans nationals after midnight,come on people y’all smarter than that…Those guys from Dennery we all know what they do.

  3. Dats the question wat killed him?? Acting commissioner needs to come straight to the point and say Michel James was shot by a marine officer and stop spreading false rumour saying it was an accident…..sar cre day ban manti….

  4. Yep! “Went to fish” with two Venezuelans on the boat in the middle of the night. Some of these family members are in so much denial. She should have began the interview by saying “Tim-Tim.”

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