[Press Release] The surgical team at Victoria Hospital recently benefited from hands on Laparoscopy training. Laparoscopy allows a doctor to view inside the human body in real time, without open surgery.

The procedure utilizes a tiny camera to examine the organs inside the abdomen. It’s a low risk minimally invasive procedure that requires only small incisions.

The prospect of requiring surgery is normally met with fear and apprehension by many however the surgical team at the Victoria Hospital hopes to combat this fear with non invasive surgical procedures requiring only a tiny incision. This procedure is also referred to as keyhole surgery. The surgical team at the Victoria Hospital including Gynecologists, Surgeons, Anesthetists, Interns and Nurses were recently engaged in a workshop in advanced laparoscopic procedures. Dr. Dawit Kabiye is the Consultant Surgeon and Head of the Surgical Department at the Victoria Hospital.

“Some call it laser surgery but it involves but it involves less insertion, less cuts on the patient and you can do any type of procedure with it. In St. Lucia we’ve been doing this kind of procedure but at the basic level and it has been a very difficult encounter because it requires infrastructure of advanced equipment as a start up and some consumables which Medtronic is one of the leading companies in this area.”

Dr. Kabiye is hopeful that the advanced laparoscopic surgery will soon be a regular procedure at Victoria Hospital and will put St. Lucia on an equal footing with the sister islands of Trinidad and Jamaica. However continued investment in advanced equipment is necessary.

“We do have at least basic towers which are quite ok but if we are willing to take it to another level we need advanced equipment in the electrosurgical unit. Instruments where you do need to stitch but you will be able to seal blood vessels. To be able to join two organs without stitching it and that is the advantage of this laparoscopic procedure.”

He highlighted the significant benefits of this procedure to the patient.

“It has a really great advantage to the patient. The patient will not be required to stay in the hospital a long time. The will have the surgery and go the next day. Recovery to work is much faster. The complications are much less and aesthetically it’s much more pleasing. It’s not the main objective but you get less scaring, minimal scaring or no scar at all and that is something really to aspire. It is what is done in the rest of the world and why we cannot have it done here, it’s a matter of time.”

The training was facilitated by officials from Medtronics. Medtronics, headquartered in Puerto Rico, is one of the leading global suppliers of medical devices. Luis Gelabert, is the Laparoscopic and Energy Specialist with Medtronics.

“In Medtronic we have a huge commitment to bring the newest technologies to every patient. In conjunction with Dr. Cawich from Trinidad we come here to show our newest technology. We are going to be participating in different surgical procedures where we are going to use our product and show to local doctors the best way to use our product and have the best possible clinical outcomes in the patient.”

Dr. Kabiye expressed his appreciation to Medtronics, the management of Victoria Hospital and the Ministry of Health for the realization of this timely training which has enhanced the skills of the surgical team at the Victoria Hospital. He said it will ultimately redound to better outcomes for the patient.

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