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Jn Marie Joins With-Holding Tax Debate

Businessman Everistus Jn Marie says it is not right for any company operating in Saint Lucia to collect tax on behalf of the people and government of Saint Lucia and for the government to allow that company to retain those funds.
The manager of Jn Marie and sons was weighing in on the ongoing debate over government’s decision to grant a 100% withholding tax waiver to sandals resorts for 2001 to 2009.

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  1. I have a lot of time for Mr. Jn Marie but he lacked the base information for this issue. Those were not monies Sandals collected for the government. Sandals claimed that they should not have been collecting tax on insurance payments made by SRI and that was upheld by cabinet. That is not the same as Sandals having collected income tax and not remitting or were exempted for remitting taxes that they have collected on behalf of government. Jn Marie is usually on point but this time he misspoke.

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