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Jeanine Compton Antoine Speaks Out On

Daughter of former Prime Minister Sir John Compton, Jeannine Compton-Antoine says her mother was completely in the dark about the proposed lady Janice Compton benefits bill.
She says her mother was surprised that suddenly, she was thrust into the spotlight and on the receiving end of public criticism over legislation that she did not sanction.
She adds that her mother is relieved that the bill has been withdrawn and has a few suggestions on proposed amendments.

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  1. Where is this inflated egoed fool think he is doing attempting to honour lady Compton in the way he tried to? Is it surprising that the humble but firm and well grounded former first Lady voiced the displeasure with it? A weaker personality would have basked in the glory but the sensible lady realized the way she is singled out is not the thing for St Lucian 1st ladies or first Gentlemen I might add.

    I think this reflect the small minded and autocratic character of Chastanet. Sadly I don’t think this is the last of that type of thing from him. This is one of many we will hear about before this man is forced out of office.

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