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Japan donates wheelchairs to Victoria Hospital

[Press Release] Comfort and the ease of operating has been boosted, as the Victoria Hospital received new equipment from diplomatic allies.

On Friday the 13th of April, Ward 9 at the Victoria Hospital received four (4) wheel chairs, which were donated by the government and people of Japan. Minister for Health and Wellness Sen. the Hon. Mary Isaac said, improving equipment conditions will reduce the burden on hospital personnel.

“When people come to Victoria Hospital they are already not feeling well and it really is not fair for us to have poor equipment for them to drive around. It also makes the nurses do extra work, additional work when we do not have the resources to give to the nurses who are already working so hard, who are already under so much pressure at a hospital that is almost bursting at its seam. So whatever little reprieve we can get to give to them we have to make it our duty to do so”.

The Minister encouraged other wards in need of wheel chairs, to put in a request. Medical Director of Victoria Hospital Dr. Alisha Eugene echoed the Minister on the importance of receiving those wheel chairs.

“We are thankful for the wheel chairs that we have received. As already said, wheel chairs are always in use at the Victoria Hospital we must admit that if one comes to the Victoria Hospital you would see that there is a slope that takes patients from A&E up to the wards so wheel chairs are constantly in use to push patients that are ill and causes a wear and tear on our wheel chairs. So if we have new wheel chairs it will really assist us to make our patients comfortable when they move from one point in the hospital to another but also our porters who are responsible for shifting patients around will feel a little less burden seeing that the wheels are working and the brakes and other parts of the wheel chair are functioning. So that is very good for us having these new wheel chairs”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eugene gave an update on the move from Victoria Hospital to Owen King EU Hospital.

“Presently we are all excited about moving our outpatients department to the new National Hospital. We looking at starting our outpatient clinic on the 23rd of April. We have been doing a lot of work in the background and we will inform persons as we get closer to the date as it is important for persons to know where to report to on the 23rd of April and know their clinic times. So this is what’s happening, this is what’s buzzing at the Victoria Hospital and we are all excited about it”.

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