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Jacmel Bar Owner Seeks Help to Nab Would-Be Bandits

HTS News4orce obtained CCTV footage that captured three unmasked  men allegedly attempting to break into Chilli’s Bar in Jacmel on May 3rd.

The men can be seen approaching the entrance of Chilli’s Bar at 01:55 am.

Two of the men appear to be unarmed, only carrying a mobile phone to use as a flashlight. 

One suspect is seen carrying a hammer.

Chilli’s Bar proprietor who asked to remain anonymous told News4orce on May 4th signs of a break-in attempt were evident. 

Door locks and one CCTV camera were damaged.

The Chilli’s Bar proprietor says the would-be thieves did not breach the facility. Listen Below.


At 01:56 am, the men gathered at the entrance. One man is seen attempting to manipulate the door locks.

The suspects then proceed to disarm the CCTV cameras. However, all three can be easily identified.  

Reportedly, the Criminal Investigations Dept. is investigating.

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