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ISO to help Strengthen Public Policy Outcomes with Standards

Saint Lucia is on track to benefit from support from the International Organizational for Standardization’s (ISO’s) Action Plan for Developing Countries 2016-2020.  ISO is implementing a five point plan aimed at improving developing countries’ opportunities for economic growth and access to world markets and helping to achieve sustainable development through standardization.

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards is joining ISO in hosting a regional workshop on standards in support of public policies from September 5th to the 7th 2017 one of the first initiatives in the plan.

ISO expects that as a result of focused attention on standardization, governments can harness the effectiveness of standards in supporting public policy and the development and operation of a robust National Quality Infrastructure.

A National Quality Infrastructure NQI relates to all the areas of standardization, testing, measurement, certification and accreditation which allows economies to build competitiveness into their systems, facilitate trade and improve the overall well being of people.

The standards in support of public policies respond to a need for building the capacity of regulators and policy makers to understand the role of standards in public policy, raise awareness and promote the application of good practices and to provide a roadmap of key steps towards strengthening the cooperation between NSB’s and regulators

The workshop will achieve the development of guidance materials and support to strengthen the relationship between standardization and public policies, tailored to the specific needs of participating countries

The workshop will take place at St. James Morgan Bay Club at Choc.

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