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Isaac Laments Delayed Hospital Projects

Health Minister Mary Isaac says work is progressing on the Owen King EU and St. Jude’s hospitals. However, her ministry will steer clear of announcing time-lines for the official opening of the two institutions.
The health minister was at the time responding to questions from the press on the status of the two healthcare facilities.
She says the slow pace of work under the former SLP administration has resulted in several postponements for an official opening for the national hospital and the southern facility.

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  1. This is how dishonest politicians can be. Mary found it very easy to blame past authorities for not meeting deadlines, completion and open dates of the new hospital. Yet she would not commit to set an opening date herself. Having lived in both the USA and the UK and worked on building sites I can say without flinching building projects over shoots proposed completion dates sometimes by years. The bigger the project the longer the overshoot period. I wonder if that’s not what Mary is now hiding behind. So dishonest man!

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