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IRD readies for tax season

GIS- FILING TAXES IS A STATUTORY OBLIGATION OF THE STATE. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is in the midst of its annual public awareness campaign reminding all that the deadline for the filing of tax returns is March 31.

The department states that anyone who has a source of income should be filing.

Lesley Ann Modeste is the Senior Tax Inspector attached to the Tax Payer Service Unit. She said there is little excuse for anyone who is earning a  source of income to not be filing.

“It’s a statutory obligation of the state that you do so. It affords you as the client to ensure that enough taxes have been deducted from your employee if you are an individual and when I speak to the individual I speak to employee and also a person who may be a contractor and has done some work. So you use this opportunity to file and pay if necessary, the correct amount of tax.”

Ms Modeste went on to state that a wealth of locations have been established during tax season to help those who wish to obtain guidance pertaining to the more traditional ways of filing or the new e-filing system.

“If you are in the south, you go to our Vieux Fort Tax Service Centre in the Daher building.  If in Soufriere, you go to our sub-agency there. In Castries we have a large and medium unit at the Finance Administrative Centre on the third floor. You can go there for assistance, its especially for filing time so March tax season, that is available. You can visit those locations if you do not have forms, and the forms are not only electronic, so you can still get blank paper returns. Or you can go to our website if you are electronically inclined, and there is a form you can download. You simply put in the information and it calculates it. You can print it, attach your supporting documents and come in. You can also come to our main office at the Heraldine Rock Building at filing time. Both our offices are on the third and fourth floors and you will get assistance there.”

The senior tax inspector went on to say that anyone who may feel that they may not be able to make the March deadline should contact the Inland Revenue Deparment ahead of time where they will be guided accordingly.

“We are always available. You can call, you can come in, and you can email at ird.gov.lc if you have any questions.”

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