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Inter Commercial Futsal League results

[Press Release] The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Inter-Commercial House Futsal League competition in underway with much excitement and rivalry.

On April 18th 2018

In Group C:
Scotiabank was scheduled to play M&C.
M&C was a no show resulting in a default win for Scotiabank 3 to 0.

In Group E:
Renwick faced Bel Jou.
Both teams scored 2 goals each.

In Group F:
CPJ faced Blue Waters.
CPJ beat out Blue Waters 3 goals vs 1.

On April 20th 2018

In Group B:
Ferrands faced JQ Charles.
Ferrands came out victorious with 6 goals beating out JQ’s 3 goals.

In Group D:
LUCELEC went up against Harris Paints.
LUCELEC on fire with 5 goals while Harris struggled to get on the board.

In Group E:
St. James Club took on Renwick & Company.
St. James came out victorious 5 goals to 0.

In Group F:
CPJ faced PCD.
PCD beat out CPJ scoring 6 goals, the most for the night vs 1.

On April 21st 2018

In Group C:
Scotia faced Flow.
Scotia came out victorious with 4 goals beating out Flow’s 3 goals.

In Group A:
Bay Gardens went up against NIC.
Bay Gardens scored 2 goals while NIC struggled to get on the board.

In Group D:
WASCO took on Harris Paints.
WASCO came out victorious 2 goals to 1.

Tournament sponsored by Guinness.

Matches continue on Wednesday 25th April 2018 with

St. Lucia Teachers Union VS Ferrands 6:30pm
1 888 Go Answer VS Bay Gardens 7:30pm
Bel Jou VS St. James Club 8:30pm

Groups C, D & F are already closed. The other groups will be settled by April 25th. All the top teams will move straight to the QF. The second place teams go back into 2 playoff groups of 3 to decide the 2 remaining teams for the QF. The top team from each playoff group will join the previously decided teams for the QF.

All games are played at the Beausejour Indoor Facility. Entry fee is $5.00EC dollars per person. Persons are encouraged to come out and support.

For more information contact: Mr. Brian Louisy, Executive Director

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