A retired public servant is defending his appointment to the Public Service Commission.

In an exclusive November 23 interview with News4orce, leader of the Opposition and SLP Political Leader Philip J Pierre bemoaned what he said was the appointment of a UWP political operative to the independent body.

In addition, Pierre says this appointment was made by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet despite his objection.

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  1. Nobody can ever rightly accuse me of having any political bias whatsoever. Having said this about myself < Having said this about myself, I must stand up and defend my former professional colleague and FRIEND as a consummate professional and a person of impeccable character. He is by his basic nature a good community and civic minded man. in addition to these attributes, he is of impeccable character. I was during his and my career, spanning many years privileged to have interfaced with him on matters falling under the scope of manpower mobilization ; he as an Employment Officer within the Ministry of labour , and myself as a Hospitality Industry Human Resources Management Practitioner.

    I don't want to patronise him at all, but in all fairness and candor this man always impressed me as having the innate ability and unfailing tendency to deal with myriad employment matters with judiciousness and maturity. Speaking metaphorically, With always "walked " the proverbial " walk" SOFTLY, DETERMINEDLY , and with an imaginary BIG STICK , and only wielded it , if and a situation warranted it. I recall proudly how , through his initiative I was prompted to recruit about ten charges from the Boys' Training and Rehab. center . He helped me with their induction into the fold of a major resort. He kept abreast with their performance as employees, through to their confirmation on the basis of merit. He never displayed any favoritism or paternalism, although his away always committed to their success. There were many other instances when he brokered the procurement and deployment of young people who showed potential for success.

    To my mind , this record , among many of his other contributions to society , more than adequately qualify him to be an integral part of the PSC.

    Every St. Lucian has an alienable right to be aligned to either one or other political party. I also think that every citizen has a right , even a civic duty to contribute towards political life on whatever side of the great divide that he/she chooses , and indeed at whatever level he thinks he in capable of performing effectively. To my mind , it would be a dereliction of civic duty to keep such GOD bestowed talents to oneself Moreover,If one chooses to be a political animal he must practice politics with a vehement and resounding roar, not like a timid pussycat , but as a roaring lion.

    Now, having said that, I must hasten to say that the "ROAR" must be mature and constructive. When we roar, we must roar for the greater good of the whole nation.. not to malign, or for self aggrandizement While we need to display some element of prestige and sufficient self esteem , we as trusted politicians must steer clear of the temptation to damage the reputations of patriotic, civic minded people, without any regard for the contributions that they WILL make to society and, national development in general. ALL politicians must look beyond the tips of their noses, and see and respect the wherewithal that exists among other people, or otherwise society will continue to face dire circumstances and consequences.

    I applaud any St. Lucian who is willing to sacrifice their peace, quiet and comfort , and undertake any noble national cause. I believe that is was what politics is all about. Why would any truly patriotic person choose "mapewe` ", insults and innuendo instead . It really isn't necessary , because all st. Lucians already know who the "operatives" are. What they said, What they stand for, what they proffer. Indeed , on that very basis the electorate has already spoken and chosen.

    A real pity that there is always the "sour grapes " syndrom"

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