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  1. I believe that vote thing is rigged. There is public outcry, yet they have such a high approval rate? That can’t be right.

  2. Next time include “I don’t care” so we can measure the level of apathy

  3. They have not done anything good, is best they call elections

  4. The UWP supporters singing the praises of this government e sam say honte zort paka honte. What have they done in the past year except victimize and close everything down. Pretty soon your mouths too will be closed and even then you will still find ways of seeing it in a positive light smh. Day ban sans honte??

  5. Very poor indeed. Increased closure of statuary bodies and increased unemployment despite promises of creating more employment, a failing agricultural sector moreso the livestock subsector, a total lack of interest In the poor n disadvantaged with the cutbacks in social programmes, promises of reduced gas prices not delivered instead monthly increases. Tourism is Being given highest priority while visitors pay higher airport taxes. Incentives n perks go only for family n foreigners whose criminal records are questionable

  6. Allen Chastanet is by far the worst prime minister the world has ever seen. He is clueless not to mention the obvious fact that he is clearly struggling with some sort of disability.(he exhibits all the signs of having an autism spectrum disorder.) This government is in my opinion a national disaster of epic proportions

  7. The performance of this government is dismal.They are vindictive to an extreme that I have never seen before. I shudder to think of what will happen if God forbid they last another 4 years. Mwen peh???

  8. I see that nonsense urll so call government not doing anything good for st Lucia I heard is only one person voting for very good news it’s goin up so much needed when pol vote for poor when urll have to increase urll decrease

  9. This government haven’t done shit ,all theyhave done is complit some projects started by the previous government,lord help us

  10. The United workers party first year in office has been unsatisfactory. They have not stabilise their cabinet. They cannot manage the country. They have no vision for the country.

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