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  1. Helen Of The West will be needing PAMPERS when Uwp done with it.Uwp bringing nothing but misery.

  2. I’d give them a good rating.. apparently it depends on who’s in power we say that in the 1st yr it’s really projects from the previous administration that are being completed / implemented. So therefore I’d say they’re coping really well with what’s been inherited. It’s ridiculous for people to think that 5 to stay alive etc would have an immediate impact despite what was said during the election hype. All politicians embellish and inflate .

  3. The uwp party has done nothing but only making the people of st lucia go through missary and have the country brokes.

  4. Extremely poor. Just about the worst government

  5. the government don’t have any idea what their are doing.went into the election without a plan for the country. just show how we think as a people.After a year this Administration of ALLEN and GUY has taken us to the worse place we can be in our THIRTY EIGHT YEARS .

  6. Concern citizen

    That’s a very poor first,all that P.M.knows about is business and not country

  7. some questions to answer ur question…does it matter what the former administration did or didn’t do??? y some ppl can’t accept that we are moving forward and not backward? former administration is no more let’s dwell on the present and future…and to answer ur question I think we as a nation accept too much nonsense, lies and deceitful behaviors from them so my opinion is we wanted a change and we got it one year in office and nothing good has happened only criticism from the ruling party do something stop the critics and work that’s y Lucian voted you people

  8. Saint Lucia is a very small country. Let’s preserve the little we have please. I don’t mind the prime ministers efforts but he is misleading the public. The selling of passports under the terms and conditions of so called ” most affordable passport ” is considered an avenue for terrorism. He lowered VAT but when its time to pay back debts !! What you think will happen ? It may come back even higher than before ! Simple honest strategic planning of the economy doesn’t call for what he is trying. He’s aiming to be great and gain recognition. the back lash will be ours to face when he’s job is done ..

  9. The united workers party has destroyed alot of homes to build new ones. Families under alot of stress. God is in control

  10. The Labour party have no shame and refuse to accept they have lost,the former P.M was there and dis his fair share….we do NOT want them. Wasn’t the elections clear enough

    • You have nothing better to say …

    • That’s your opinion, it’s not everybody that wanted them out. Gullible as people are. Humans need to learn that government is here to create a balance and not treat legislature like a business. Also government won’t solve all the issues of people and a country. We ourselves breed progress, so don’t blame it on no one government. It was a series of events that led us to this point, not one single party.

    • Your face has no shame to endorse this useless government ! SLP to the World !

    • You can say that again

    • What you fail to realize is the real fact is about our country, not about RED or YELLOW. Why do you guys don’t understand the CALAMITY our country is getting into?. @Anonymous, i have a couple of questions to ask. 1. Have you read the DSH agreement? 2. Are you satisfied with all the corruption that is taking place? 3. Do you benefit DIRECTLY from all what is transpiring? 2. Do you have any love for your country/patrimony or any heart at all? I have many more to ask but i will leave it as that. May The Almighty with you. HIM doesn’t sleep my friend. #TantoTanto #TimeWillTell

      • You calling on almighty ? No we are not satisfied with anything especially the manipulation of power and authority. This country is democratic, how dare a government come give us more than we could take, hanging our hats too high. The st Lucia racer was considered extinct twice within a century and it finally emerged in Saint Lucia on Maria islet. Where is the conservation plan ? Money y’all want ? Y’all have to go buy rum and lil petty things but to survive it’s a strain..

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