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Housing Minister Plans on Making Housing Affordable

Castries South East MP Guy Joseph claims that the SLP government has used up resources and not completed projects; therefore; various housing projects will be revised.

His target is to make housing as affordable as owning a car; whereby citizens can purchase land at a startup price of $75, 000.

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  2. Great job boss man i support you all the way !!!!!

  3. well boss man if you provide the work then people will stop coming to your office, provided the work because that what the young people want look around you boss man see how the drugs eating away at most of the youths,see how the gun ting is taking over father should not be burying son nor mothers they daughter boos man, I was told its the end of DE world Antichrist time, as you already know i do not believe in such misdemeanors

  4. Kenny was saying the same thing brother man look at morn De duo the steps in a very dilapidated state.

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