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Health Minister Explains Phone Bill

Health minster Senator Mary Isaac has sought to shed light on a supposedly exorbitant phone bill.
During last Thursday’s episode of his talk show can i help you, attorney Richard Frederick produced what he claimed was an over 10 thousand dollar mobile phone bill belonging to senator Isaac.

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  1. Mary u lie you have to switch roaming on with tbe new phones avaiilable ,Take that back liar

  2. “I am a real data person.” Cray Cray Mary what the heck do you mean by this piece of garbage you uttered? Don’t forget this is the same Mary who disturbed a whole Budget Debate just because she was hungry- well that’s what she claimed.

    • But she also said that if such a bill exist……..then goes on to say that she is aware of such a bill. When will these politician learn. You can piss is our eyes and call it rain.

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